Who We Are

Just a few blocks from San Diego’s “Skid Row” is an urban oasis teaming with ladybugs, monarch butterflies and rolly pollies.

Maintained by parent volunteers, the Sherman Elementary School garden space comprises 14 raised beds, some in-ground planting space, three composting stations, benches for seating and a tool shed. We reach hundreds of kids through Garden Club, a Spring Garden Festival, community center summer camp, the Primetime afterschool program and other outreach activities. The goals of the Urban School Garden Project are to create a vibrant outdoor learning center that: supports classroom learning; instills understanding of and respect for the environment, enables students to grow and appreciate fresh, wholesome foods; incubates community ties; fosters cultural appreciation; and serves as a model for school gardens in San Diego and beyond. Horticultural activities include soil testing, plant identification, weeding, mulching, composting, vermiculture and cultivation projects. Additionally, kids enjoy related art projects and tasting the harvest.