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Volunteers & Donors

Over the years, many individuals, nonprofit institutions and businesses have helped us grow our garden & supported the springtime Garden Festival.


Andrea Anderson

Ava Thompson & Frances Thompson

Barb French-Lee – Master Gardener Extraordinaire

Benjamin & Kelsey Von Cossel 

Bridgette Atkins

Chef Cindy Quiñonez

Chef Drew Bent

Erica Knoblock

Jenny Ikoma

Jeann’e Waterford – Connecting with Nature

Julie Diaz

Juliett Fuentes – Garden Team Chairperson

Karla Marquez, assisted by Valeria, Camila & Ivan Guzmán

4th Grade Students, La Jolla Country Day

Lexington Wolfcraft

Lisa Rothstein– Your Writer for Hire

Marya Nash

Nicole Enríquez 

Rubi Ramírez + Elmer + Mario

Sandra Martínez

Sarah & Mario Garcia

Sonia Weise

Rebecca Karp

Sylvia Gallardo

Tassie Irwin

Veronica Von Borstel

Viviana Galindo

2009-2017 Garden Propagators


Bianca Lara – A Child’s Garden of Thyme
Andrea Carter & Paul Mashka
Chef Indo Reyes – Posh Nosh
Chef Jenn Felmley
Eliza Jane Schneider
Hannah Rosengren
Lorien Silverleaf
Martha Weesner
Mary Hillebrecht
Monique Oswald
Pablo Acevedo
Patti Mercado
Peter Zanko
Tasha Wahl – The Butterfly Effect